Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Storm News!

We are having some serious winter storm action here. It is like a typhoon when we used to live in Baguio. I say that because it is too cold to be otherwise. The wind blew so hard and the rain came down so much that we developed a




It just missed the computer table by a few inches! There was a pool of water in the family room and I was about to blame the dog when I realized that the pool was way too big to have been made by the dog.. I was coming from the ceiling. By some miracle, none of the furniture got wet. We called the neighbor, Robert, and I was IM-ing Desa and told her what happened and George appeared at the door in a few minutes with a tarp and a ladder. So Omy, George and Robert climbed up on the roof in the driving rain and put a tarp over the side of the roof where the chimney is. I believe the leak came from the wind driving the water between the two layers of roofing; the original roof and the roof of the addition. It accumulated in the attic and started leaking out through the joint in the sheet rock. Omy had already made a hole to let the water out and then they cut a hole. George brought over a blower fan to help dry it up and eventually the dripping stopped.


So now there is an 18x18 inch hole in the ceiling just in front of the area between the computer and the fireplace. When the rains are over we will have it repaired. There a bunch more rainy days coming. The weather reports say there are two or three storms in this batch. The good news is that California is making up for the water deficit.


Today is the last Saturday before Stephanie has to go back to school, so we are going to the movies. Actually Catie and Stephie went out yesterday after the rains died down. They will watch Michael this afternoon while we oldies go out to the movies.


ALL of us will be in school this month. I am teaching again on Tuesdays, I am back to grad school on Wednesdays, Omy is starting a Program Management class on Tuesday nights, Catie will take the next Illustrator software class at Chabot College on Tuesday nights too, and of course Stephanie has the rest of her senior year of high school to go.


More later,




Maria, Omy, Catie and Stephanie




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