Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Stephanie Ronquillo's Graduation from Moreau Catholic High School

Last Sunday, May 25th was a wonderful and emotinal day for us. Our baby, Stephanie Monique Ronquillo graduated from Moreau Catholic High School. The weather was nice, we were seated in the Mezzanine and watched it all unfold before our eyes as Stephanie crossed the stage.

Aunty Carissa Aunty Terry, Aunty Desa, Uncle George, and Michael, Uncle Johnny and Aunty Merci were all there. Some friends from Ballet and classmates from Oour Lady of the Rosary attending other high schools were also present.

We had a party later at home. The next party will be when we send her off to Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Photos of My Blue Kitchen

Some time ago, Catie, Stephanie and I decided that we would re-do the kitchen. We took down the cabinet doors, removed the hardware, and repainted the doors using s 5 step process.

We replaced the doors with new hardware after we painted all the bodies of the cabinets blue and the walls yellow.

I love it. If I ever get the kitchen re-done again, I need to have another blue kitchen. Since custom colors are pricey, this is My Blue Kitchen for a while to come.

Even some pets have a blog, so why not me?

More and more we live our lives in the ether. It is easy to be the armchair expert when we need less and less to look our audience in the eye.

Last semester I took a "teaching and learning with technology" class and I started to become familiar with the great ether in a more usable way. so I decided to try it out.

But there are so many places to go and I must use my time wisely. Entertainment has never been so easy or more time consuming.